Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Random Thought!

So... I'm probably not the first person that this has occurred to... but remember the whole "One More Day" thing in the Spider-Man comics, where Spidey saved Aunt May by making a deal with Mephisto, but as a result he had to give up his marriage to Mary Jane, and now he doesn't even remember he was ever married to her? Yeah, I didn't read the comic, either. But still... it Marvel really wanted to be gutsy about this, as well as stay true to the whole "deal with the devil" thing... After everything has been rebooted, nobody remembers Peter is Spidey, no more marriage, Aunt May doesn't have a bullet hole in her... ...and then May falls down dead, instantly, from a stroke. Nothing can be done to save her, because by the time anyone finds her, she's been dead for way too long. And somewhere, Mephisto laughs... No, it's not how I wanted it to end... but if Marvel's going to have one of their major characters make a deal with the devil (which, let's face it, Mephisto basically is), you have to stay true to it... the deal never goes exactly the way the person making the deal thinks it will, because you DON'T MAKE A DEAL WITH THE DEVIL, especially if you're supposed to be a freaking SUPER-HERO whose mantra is "WITH GREAT POWER COMES GREAT RESPONSIBILITY"! I'll bet Johnny Blaze would've been pissed off to learn how Spidey managed to basically get the better out of that deal.

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