Thursday, May 17, 2012

Comic Book Ads!

Wow, just last month I was going on about kids destroying their toys these days... and I'd forgotten that when we were kids, we actually had toys designed to be broken -- and put back together again!

That's an interesting mix of character licenses there in that magnet ad, isn't it? But reading the text, you can see that they're sold in groups by character. Pretty cool!

Nowadays, I think if you were going door to door offering metal Social Security Plates, you'd be arrested for attempted identity theft!

Wow, another Sea Monkeys ad? Well, ignore it... the item I want to draw your attention to is the top half ad, kind of a follow up to the previous post with the Revell Endangered Animal models... this time around, it's an associated contest! You'd think they'd have popped for a full page ad, wouldn't you?

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