Sunday, May 27, 2012

Comic Book Ads!

More ads from old Gold Key books this time... first is this full page ad for Hostess Snack Cakes, with the offer of free baseball cards! You know, it's funny when I think about how much advertising Hostess used to do back in the 1970s... there were ads on TV during kids programming with Twinkie the Kid, Fruitpie the Magician, and so forth, plus the ads in the comics featuring DC, Marvel and other characters, and then these special offers! Those ads must've worked, because they don't need them these days, and the company still seems to be thriving!

I had to share this ad, because the idea of the Trix Rabbit riding a bike and promoting bike safety somehow makes me laugh! I wonder if I have scans of the bike book somewhere in my files?

One thing about looking at these old ads... it makes me realize that some toys were out for a much longer time than I remembered! Take this SSP Tournament of Thrills ad... I'm guessing by the time this ad appeared, my brothers and I were completely done with SSPs as a whole, and probably didn't even realize they were still making them!

This ad looks like it's a pretty good deal, right? Deluxe 4-volume set, for five bucks? But they're only 48 pages each! It must've been the high-quality paper driving the prices up. And all these years, we thought Marvel and DC were the first to do the reprints on more expensive paper for a higher price point...

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