Saturday, May 05, 2012

Contest Update!

So, as of about noon yesterday, the great "Promote the Random Acts of Geekery" contest with its prize pack has generated... hold on, let me count real quick... oh, yeah, exactly zero entries so far.

Now, one of three things is definitely happening here:

1) All of you are spending your free time in the theater watching The Avengers and you don't have time for this.

2) You just don't care about me or my blog, dammit!


3) You want me to sweeten the pot.

I'll go with #3, because #2 can't possibly be true, no it can't! I refuse to believe it!

So, in addition to the swag I already promised the last time around... I'm adding the following goodies:

Spider-Man Widescreen Special Edition 2-disc DVD set (because I realized I have two of them, and I don't know why)
Disney's DuckTales #7
Centurians #1-4 (hey, it's the complete series!)
Blood of the Demon #6
Harley Quinn #22
X-Men Adventures #7
Star Wars Droids #2, 4 and 5
Richie Rich Bank Books #46
Green Arrow and Black Canary  Wedding Special #1
A bunch of Jolly Rancher candies in assorted flavors
A copy of Uncle John's Supremely Satisfying Bathroom Reader

So, that's enough goodies that I'm having to ship this in a flat-rate Priority Mail box to whoever the lucky winner is!

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