Saturday, May 12, 2012

Cover Redux!

Time for some Cover Redux!
First up this time is Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos, issue 60 on the left, and the reprint issue #156 on the right! At a glance, it just appears that it's colored differently... but look closer, at the top behind the logos! The original has the brick wall going over the top, so they're entering a building -- the new one makes the brick just a wall they're walking past. I wonder why they made this change? Doesn't make sense.

Next, we have The Incredible Hulk #125 and Marvel Super-Heroes #77! This is interesting, because it appears that someone had Herb Trimpe completely redraw the cover for the reprint, so as to more currently match up with the Hulk in the comics -- or maybe just to accommodate the UPC code. The Grand Comics Database (as I'm writing this) indicates it's a reprint, but clearly, it's not! I've attempted to edit it to correct this misinformation. It's weird that they'd go so far to accommodate the UPC code, it seems like it would've been simpler to take a stat, white out the "And Now The Absorbing Man!" and add back detail to the rocket, and then add a box on the right side with the text within it.

Here's another one where the cover was redrawn, oddly enough! At first they appear the same, but that's only after a cursory glance! Cap's got more shading, plus motion lines are added to the shield, Hawkeye's gone from pulling an arrow out of his quiver to drawing the bow, the Scarlet Witch is actually casting a spell, and Attuma has more detail! Oh, and Pietro has more shading, too. With all due respect to Nick Caputo (who says in the Grand Comics Database that this is a reprinted cover with some Romita changes), this appears to me to be a completely redrawn cover, albeit using the basic layout concept. There's more differences than similarities between the pieces!

OK, this one, it looks to me like the main changes were removing the "Let Them Go -- Now!" from the cover of Amazing Spider-Man #137, and replacing it with "Free Them! Now!" on the cover of Marvel Tales #114, plus adding in that yellow section of wall so we can get some emotion emphasis lines around Spidey's head. Oh, and the scale details to the Goblin's costume are changed -- anyone out there spot anything else?


  1. Hi Jon,

    I think the MTA cover was extensively revised from Don Heck's cover, although i don't think it was completely redrawn. I did revise the GCD credits though to emphasize Romita's role.

    Thanks for pointing this out.

    1. My pleasure Nick! I appreciate all the hard work you and the other GCD indexers have done and continue to do!


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