Thursday, May 24, 2012

Cover Redux!

First up this time around is Sgt. Fury #34 and the reprint in Sgt. Fury #136! Here's what I see... Dum-Dum Dugan's been reworked -- note that the black stripes on his shirt are much thinner, and the smoke coming from the machine gun behind Fury has been changed, plus the "Blitzkrieg!" blurb has been removed! The only other changes I can spot are coloring differences... but as always, if you spot something different, let me know!

Up next, we have Amazing Spider-Man #55 and Marvel Tales #40. Now, you guys should know by now that I love Gil Kane's artwork -- he's probably second only to Jack Kirby in my all-time favorite comic book artists list -- but I've got to say, I definitely prefer the original cover! Maybe it's because the Marvel Tales cover really gives away a major plot development -- I mean, we know from the blurb that Doc Ock wins -- but on the original, it looks like he simply beats Spidey! Plus the expression on Ock's face on the original is pure evil!

Next, we have The Incredible Hulk #147 and the reprint in Marvel Super Heroes #96. Obviously, the art has been enlarged, since the framing is gone (except for the bottom, where the text box was shrunk). The round blurb has been removed entirely. Both covers suffer from looking as if General Ross and Betty aren't really there, it's just dummies! Oh, there's some details lost, thanks to working from a stat (I'm guessing), and the soldier at the lower left corner is also gone, as is his hat, so the Hulk's leg had to be partly redrawn.

In the early days of Marvel Triple Action, redrawing the covers was just the way things were done -- the same could be set for most of the reprint books around this time. To the left, Avengers #13, art by Jack Kirby -- to the right, Marvel Triple Action #7, art apparently by Jim Starlin. I dunno, I can't really look at the Starlin cover and think it was as good as the Kirby cover, but I could be prejudiced. Maybe it's just that Giant-Man, Iron Man and Thor look like they're bunched way too close to each other, or having Cap being captured and used as bait? Whatever it is, like I said, I like the Kirby Kover the best!

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