Tuesday, May 22, 2012

It Oughtta Be...

...a TV Series!

What should? Why, the Phantom Stranger! Remember last month I advocated for a half-hour Spirit TV show? I think a half-hour Phantom Stranger show would work well with it.

There'd be two types of episodes, like there were two types of stories in the comics: One type would have the Stranger merely acting like Rod Serling, introducing the characters and situation and then providing the wrap-up. These would be done to help save some budget for SFX for episodes where the Stranger takes more of a hand in things!

They'd definitely have to cast the Stranger extremely well -- it would have to be someone who could pull off the kind of dialogue the Stranger spouts and have it be entirely believable, as well as someone who could wear that outfit! Unfortunately, nobody really comes to mind right now that could be that imposing (at least, nobody that doesn't already have a regular gig, anyway).

The scripts would almost write themselves -- adapting issues of the original comic book for the most part, expanding on them to make sure the half-hour (really, 22 minutes) is filled.

What do you think?

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