Sunday, May 06, 2012

Kirby Kovers!

Our first Kirby Kover this time around is the cover for The Invaders #12, which I believe was one of the first issues of The Invaders that I ever bought! It's pure Kirby goodness all the way, with the Invaders plus Spitfire going after some Nazis... I love it!

Next, it's Justice Traps the Guilty #23! This one is a bit unusual for Kirby, don't you think? I mean, aside from the one mobster firing his machine gun, and the bombing in the back, it's pretty dull stuff!

Next, Challengers of the Unknown #4! I like it... the Challengers are well-placed, good posing... the wizard has some nice Kirbytech... and there's some of the triangle design elements I've noticed so much!

Lastly, it's Strange Tales #76, and what I find most interesting about this cover is how Kirby drew Dragoom, and how much it reminds me of the earliest drawings Kirby did of the Human Torch in Fantastic Four!

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