Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Kirby Kovers!

First up this time around is this Kirby Kover that I'm pretty sure was published posthumously, for Invasion #1, and a quick check shows that, of course, I'm right -- it was released in 1997. This cover was originally a pinup in a 1979 Kirby Masterworks portfolio that's been flipped (the position of the steering wheel is a giveaway there). Pretty cool stuff, although considering that none of the reprinted stories inside were by Kirby, and certainly none had this kind of look to the aliens, kind of misleading, eh?

Next, Eternals #9... ah, how misleading Marvel covers could be in the 1970s! This guy's no Killing Machine, he's a peaceful soul! I don't know if someone else at Marvel added those captions or what. Nice effective, eye-catching cover!

Next, Thor #171! Now, the Wrecker is one of those villains that, unless properly drawn, doesn't look that menacing... I mean, he's a guy in a green jumpsuit with a purple mask carrying a crowbar! I don't think many artists other than Kirby were able to draw him threatening enough (Ron Wilson comes to mind, he gave the Wrecker the kind of bulk he needs). Here, rather than just showing how muscular the Wrecker is, Kirby shows us the guy's a threat! Thor is obviously in pain and struggling to be released from the Wrecker's grip, and the Wrecker looks like he's not even putting forth his full effort yet! Still, can't help but wonder why Thor doesn't just bash the Wrecker's fingers with Mjolnir...

Next, it's Jimmy Olsen #137, and this is a nice cover if, for no other reason, that Superman's face doesn't look nearly as altered as other issues of Jimmy Olsen that Kirby drew! Plus, I love the effect of the shadow on the rocky background, plus the expressions on everyone's faces!

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