Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Comic Book Ads!

Time for another crop of comic book ads to check out!
First up this time around is this back cover ad from Mighty Samson #30 (and many other comics), and I believe this was the second or third of Kenner's ads for this series. Did you know that this was Kenner's first action figure line, ever? I'm not sure who did the artwork for this, but they did a pretty good job of capturing Lee Majors' look (not so great a job at depicting the actual figure, though).

This is from Mighty Samson #32, and I just thought I'd share it because 1) There usually weren't a lot of house ads in Gold Key comics, and 2) this shows that the series was already switched to the Whitman imprint!

Here's another one -- and I'm guessing these are one-shots, either reprinting adaptations of the movies, or reprinting original stories from Walt Disney's Comics & Stories and other books!

Given that this ad also appeared in the same issue as the above two house ads, I'm beginning to wonder if they were having problems finding advertisers at this stage!

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