Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Comic Book Ads!

OK, I gave you a break from the Gold Key stuff last time, we're back to those ads again, but from an earlier period! This Hot Wheels ad appeared in Hanna-Barbera Fun-In #1! Can you imagine having all that Hot Wheels track and accessories when you were a kid?

I've got to say, this ad for Revell's Saturn V Apollo rocket ship has to be the most boring model ad I've ever seen in my life! I'm guessing their other model-of-the-month ads were similarly boring.

Longtime readers of the Random Acts of Geekery will recall when I've posted photos of the Super-Hero Stamps from the 1970s in "Cool Stuff" and mentioning how there seemed to be some kind of assumed tie-in between comics readers and stamp collectors... here's an ad that seems to prove my point (not that I think there was much of a crossover, to be honest)!

Well, I started with a Mattel ad, let's finish with a Kenner one! Apparently, the Zip Strip line was supposed to compete with Hot Wheels, but these came with rolled-up tracks, as you can see... and I don't ever remember hearing about these before!

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