Saturday, June 23, 2012

Dog of the Geek: 1-Rover-1!

1-rover-1Breed: Robot dog

Original Appearances: Battle of the Planets TV series.

Other Appearances: Presumably in the comics of the same name.

Biography: 1-Rover-1 is a small, golden-yellow robot dog with antennae for ears. He is owned by 7-Zark-7. 1-Rover-1 can't speak English, but his sounds can be interpreted by 7-Zark-7, and likes to tell his owner he's looking forward to biting Zoltar (the villain). He demonstrates the full range of human emotion. He eats Robot Puppy Chow and other items. 1-Rover-1 can do most of the standard dog tricks.

Powers: His tail can receive interstellar signals.

Group Affiliation: G-Force

Miscellaneous: Like 7-Zark-7, 1-Rover-1 was added to the original Gatchaman show for its Battle of the Planets incarnation, and was entirely missing in the G-Force adapatation.

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