Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Kirby Kovers!

First up in this installment of Kirby Kovers, it's Journey into Mystery #107, with Thor meeting the Grey Gargoyle for the first time! I dunno, this doesn't strike me as being up to Jack's usual standards for the era -- Thor is awkwardly positioned, and out of proportion, too (compare his head to his feet). It's definitely Kirby's work, but he must've been having an off day or something.

Jack wasn't off when he did this cover for House of Secrets #3 -- there's absolutely no action going on at all, just the Cleopatra figure sitting up, and the man reacting in shock -- and it's great. I wouldn't change a thing!

Young Romance #85 looks superficially like Kirby's work from that era, but I wonder if he only did a rough breakdown, and someone else finished it? I find the mustached man in the background amusing because he's just continuing to eat his sandwich or whatever, watching the young lovers kissing!

And we'll finish up with Strange Worlds #4, and this is, again, a better cover, I think, than the Thor one I began with. There's good emotion on the astronaut's face, and a definite threat making it exciting!

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