Friday, June 15, 2012

Kirby Kovers!

First up, it's Spidey Super Stories #19, and I suspect the Spidey figure was reworked a bit before publishing! The GCDB says John Romita did the inks, and it wouldn't surprise me if he'd done some "fixing" on Spidey, because it doesn't quite look like Jack's work to me.

Next, it's Tales of Suspense #49, with the lopsided battle between Iron Man and the Angel! Jack was definitely a master at putting emotion on Tony Stark's armored alter ego, choosing when to show Tony's eyes through the eye slots!

Next, Our Fighting Forces #158! I know Kirby put a lot of himself into the work he did on DC's war books in the 1970s, but I've got to tell you, he took what was probably a stock war comic cover situation here and imbued it with the type of action and suspense that I think few war comics ever managed to pull off!

Next, Tales of Suspense #31, and there's a giant monster wearing Doctor Doom's facemask years before Doom himself appeared! I wonder if anyone's noted this in The Jack Kirby Collector yet? Anyway, it's a fun cover, and makes me want to read the story!

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