Monday, June 25, 2012

Kirby Kovers!

First up this time, it's the cover to Daredevil #5! You'll note that Wally Wood gets namechecked on the cover, but if you look at the character poses, you can tell Kirby did at least roughs here!

Last time around, we had a monster in an iron mask, this time, it's Strange Tales #69 with a man in an iron box! I'm not sure if that was referring to the cover, or if the other burst is... but I'll assume the former. This is one of those covers that would've benefitted from a thought bubble or word balloon to give us some intriguing insight into what's going on, but not enough to spoil the story!

Next, The Demon #11. I think Jack really let himself loose on the Demon covers, because honestly, they're in a class by themselves!

Finally, Strange Tales #109 gives us the Torch facing off against a quartet of monsters that would've had the cover spot before the Torch took over the lead spot in the title!

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