Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ten of a Kind: TV Show Episodes I Wish They'd Made!

This is a list of 10 TV shows and the episodes I'd wish they'd made!

1. The Monkees: Origin Episode: Oh, we know how the Monkees were cast, but I don't recall in any episode did they ever even hint how Micky, Davy, Peter and Michael were supposed to have met and decided to form a band, nor how they got the Monkeemobile! In my mind, the four of them begin the episode trying to get a gig as a solo artist, but of course, it's hard to make money shaking a tambourine and maracas, or just playing drums, without a band behind you. Oh, Mike and Peter may have done okay, but clearly, they needed a band, as well as a place to live. Maybe the four of them first meet when they respond to the "For Rent" advertisement for the beach house. They all want it (because beach house = parties = girls) but none can afford it by themselves. Later, they come across some kind of promotion where there's a very cool customized car that's being given away, and all you have to do to win it is to be the last person touching it. Of course, this would be the (logo-less) Monkeemobile, and the four each figure that if they won the car, they could sell it for the bread they need! Naturally, as they wait it out, they start to get to know each other, and by the time the contest ends, and the promoter asks what name to put on the car, the four of them answer, "The Monkees!" Or something like that.

2. Quantum Leap: Sam Leaps Back To Himself: Well, I wouldn't actually want Dr. Sam Beckett to actually leap into his younger self; rather, I'd have him leaping into someone close to his younger self, so we can see what Sam was like as a young man, perhaps in college, where we see his early brilliance.

3. Bewitched: Crisis On Infinite Darrins: The episode that would have explained that the Dick York episodes were on Bewitched Earth-1, and the Dick Sargent episodes were on Bewitched Earth-2. Maybe Endora cast some kind of master spell that she figured was going to get Darrin gone for good, and Sam wouldn't even remember he'd ever existed, and instead, she switches Darrins for a Darrin from an alternate reality, but Sam never notices!

4. Dungeons and Dragons: The Return: This, of course, was actually scripted, and performed radio-style and included on the D&D DVD set, but it would've been nice to see it actually animated!

5. Planet of the Apes: The Return Home: A little-known detail about the POTA TV series is that when the episodes were edited together into movies for syndication, some new footage of Roddy McDowall as Galen was added to these, and in one of them, he talks about Burke and Virdon finally making their way back to their own time. I want to see that episode, okay?

6. Time Tunnel: The Return: Hey, it's a trend! It would've been nice if they could've provided some closure on this show, so that the guys could have returned back home to their own time, and then they could've figured out what went wrong with the Time Tunnel in the first place!

7. Land of the Giants: You know the title by now, right? Another Irwin Allen show that needed closure to it!

8. Heroes: The Apology: An hour-long episode where all the writers and producers sit down and apologize over and over for how off the track the show went, starting with the end of the first season when the battle with Sylar ended up being just plain lame!

9. Thundercats: Take out Mumm-Ra permanently! When the original Thundercats was on, I watched it daily, and one thing that always bugged me was when Mumm-Ra was defeated, they'd always let him walk away! Come on, these guys are supposed to be warriors, why would they let the worst foe they have constantly live to plot another day??? I know, it would've meant having to come up with new villains... so what?

10. Birdman: The Origin: Yeah, I know, this is out of left field... the origin was hinted at, but we never really got the real story, did we? What the heck was his name before he got his powers, and did they really come from Ra? Where did Avenger, the giant eagle, come from? Who paid for the Aviary? How did he come to work for Falcon-7? Inquiring minds want to know!


  1. Your #1 entry was especially clever.

  2. I can fill the blank on Birdman.

    According to one source I'd read, Birdman was an archeologist named Ray Randall. In the practice of the day, they never bothered with an origin story, of course, or how Randall/Birdman came to work for Falcon 7 and his government agency.

    Now, that alone would be enough to warrant a feature film from WB Animation, but given that those dorks at [adult swim] have all but ruined Birdman with that atrocity of a parody that made him a lawyer......!

  3. I think the original MONKEES opening sorta told the tale, as the four walked down the street and literally bumped onto each other! That opening can be seen on the series DVD sets!

    Al Bigley

  4. Thanks for all of your feedback!


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