Friday, June 29, 2012

Toy Spotlight: Whitman's Batman Activity Box!

This one deserves a spot all by itself... it's the ultimate punch-out Batman toy, and getting an original one will set you back a pretty penny (most recent auction I could find closed at over $300!). Sadly, it's never been officially reissued (I did find one place online that is selling a reproduction, but I don't know if it's legit or not -- they're asking $25, including shipping). I have to say, I'm kind of surprised that nobody's scanned this in high res and offered it as a PDF to download and print for yourself!

Anyway, this is a gorgeous item, really the only Batman toy that gives you everything you'd need for playing out any kind of Batman adventure! It's got locales, figures, heroes, villains, vehicles, bystanders! And these pictures don't even show everything!


  1. This is a long-desired dream set! Where can I find the folks who make the reproduction?


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