Monday, June 25, 2012

What, This and That Time Again?

So, what's new to share with you guys?

ITEM! So... the latest development with my career? Well, I had applied for and got hired to work for a company that works with disabled adults... but when I was hired, it turned out that the hours and pay ended up being way too little (it would've been one thing if it had been, say, 25 years ago... but now, it doesn't work). I was prepared to work there for as long as I needed to until I found something else... when something else suddenly happened! Remember I'd posted a while back about looking into truck driving, but I couldn't get it paid for? Enter CR England -- I applied there, and not only got accepted for training (with a minimum employment period after that), but I also got my tuition paid for, thanks to being former military! That means, however, that I'll be away from home for about six weeks beginning late next month, and then periodically after that for various periods when I'm on the road... but you know, a job is a job, and that will fit me and my family's income needs more than anything else I've been able to manage. Yes, that means that Medical Assisting is completely off the table for me now... it was a noble attempt, but ultimately, a failed one. Ce la vie!

ITEM! Have you been checking out my new Facebook page on Book and Record Sets? Well, I know one of you have -- Jason Galterio -- and I wanted to publicly thank him for his generosity in offering me for the cost of shipping a bunch of really super cool Power Records featuring Marvel and DC heroes! Jason Galterio, I hereby honor you with the first ever Random Acts of Geekery Golden No-Cross of Valor for Services Above and Beyond Geekery! That and $5.75 will get you a cup of coffee, natch, as it doesn't even get to come in an empty envelope like Marvel's No-Prizes used to! Anyway, I've got a bunch of videos up there created from my collection already, and I may start crossposting them here in the near future. I've also set up a YouTube channel that you could probably find if you put some effort into it!

ITEM! Given the first item above, some things ended up happening rather quickly around here, as you might imagine - and they had been happening quickly before then, believe it or not! A while back, the homeowners' association for my neighborhood had a special meeting, and at that meeting I was elected to the board of directors; well, the first meeting of the board happened two or three weeks after that, and at the end of that meeting, I found myself elected as the new vice president! Not long after that, I took charge of our neighborhood's community yard sale (an annual event that I've always felt needed someone to really take charge of)... well, as you can imagine, after enrolling in truck driving school, I ended up having to resign as vice president (it'll be effective as of the next meeting), although I hope to stay on the board, depending on how often I'm out of town when board meetings are held. I'm still able to get the yard sale dealt with before I leave, fortunately!

ITEM! So, if I'm going to be a long-haul trucker, what's that going to mean here at the Random Acts of Geekery? Well, initially, not too terribly much, as I already have my posts done through to the end of December (hey, I had a flurry of activity, what can I say?). I'm hoping I'll find time for another month of posts done by the time I leave, but after I'm gone at school, I won't be doing anything for a while on the blog (except maybe answer comments, which I really need to catch up on anyway). Once I'm done with school and start working, I'll only be able to do posts when I'm at home -- at least, initially! I do have my iPad, which will be coming with me, but I'm not sure how well it'll work for me to do blog posts with (kind of a small screen, you know). So, we'll have to kind of wait and see. It's possible that I may have to do some rearranging of things here, and cut back on the volume of posts, so that there's only one post a day... I'll just have to see what I can manage.

ITEM! If you have a Dollar Tree in your area, get thee hence if you like to find cool superhero toys for a buck! There's this line of toys, "Miniature Alliance," only at Dollar Tree, and it's carded painted PVC miniatures of the Hulk, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Captain America, Venom, and Wolverine. I bought all but the last two of those -- and have to wonder, why no Thor? I mean, he's been in two movies, and Venom's only been in one! Well, mine is not to reason why, I suppose (well, actually, it is, but I won't get anywhere with it). They're pretty cool, and made by Monogram Direct, who also makes some other cool stuff that I wish I could find, such as their resin Avengers figurines with letter bases that, when put together, spell "Avengers"! Unfortunately, those are out of my price range, I think. Anyway, I see on eBay that a "box set" of these is currently being offered for $24.95 plus $8.95 shipping, so I think you're much better off going to Dollar Tree! Of course, if you don't have one near you, you might be out of luck... but I'd be willing to work something out for anyone who contacts me immediately!

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