Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Cover Redux!

Yes, it's time for another installment of "Cover Redux," where I show the original Marvel comic book cover side-by-side with a later comic book that reprinted it, and point out all the changes that were made to it!
And this first one is a challenge! We have Amazing Spier-Man #129, and Marvel Tales #106. Here's what I can spot: Aside from coloring variations (which we've come to expect), the original cover art has been reduced slightly to accommodate the larger logo on the reprint, cropped on the right side and perhaps a bit of art added to the left side (it may have been on the original, but it's impossible to tell from this). And the text between the Punisher's legs has been removed to make room for the UPC code!

Next up, it's Tales to Astonish #81 and Marvel Super-Heroes #16! Obviously, this is a case where the new cover is shifted down and cropped at the bottom... but that's not the only change: Look at Greenskin's mouth! That's been altered, so that the Hulk's teeth are clenched rather than slightly opened! Plus, there's the blurb added about "The Coming of the Man Called Boomerang," and there's been extra shading added around the Hulk's left shoulder, and the shading's been changed on his right hand! I have to say, I like the coloring of the Hulk on the reprint over the original (rare that that happens) but the rest of the cover, I prefer the original coloring job.

Next, Fantastic Four #108 and Marvel's Greatest Comics #88 -- looks to me like the original art (or rather, a stat of it) was reduced, with more art added to the bottom and left sides to accommodate the logo and UPC code.

Finally, here's Avengers #45 and Marvel Triple Action #37! At first glance, it looks like the original cover was just reduced with new art added... but that's no all of it! The Super-Adaptoid's wings are gone, as is Quicksilver! Goliath has been almost entirely redrawn, too! Of course, the blurb has been removed and a new one added.

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