Monday, July 23, 2012

Cover Redux!

First up in this installment of "Cover Redux," we have Sgt. Fury #46, and the reprint from issue #141! All I can spot for changes here are that the cover was reduced overall, and art added on the left and cropped on the right, and then the soldiers on the bottom were actually cut out (from a stat, I'm guessing) and moved to the right! Aside from coloring, do any of you have other changes to add?

Next, Amazing Spider-Man #128, and Marvel Tales #105! Unless they were using the original artwork, it looks like they had to add artwork to the top, shift over the blurb at the bottom, and add a UPC code. It looks to be slightly cropped on the right side, so it was also shifted a tiny bit.

Next, Avengers #44 and Marvel Triple Action #36! The original cover has been shifted down considerably and reduced, with some art added to the left and right sides. Also, Quicksilver's been moved from near the bottom to the upper left corner. A number of the goons have been removed, too! Of course, the original blurb is gone, and new blurbs are put in.

I'm only seeing some minor changes between Incredible Hulk #111 and the reprint in Marvel Super-Heroes #65, aside from coloring variations and moving the blurb around... the flying bubble things are moved, too! Anybody see other changes?

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