Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Dog of the Geek: Big Dog & Little Dog!

2-stupid-dogs-740317Breed: Big Dog was a sheepdog, Little Dog was a dachshund.

Original Appearances: 2 Stupid Dogs, Hanna-Barbera, TBS 1993-1995

Other Appearances: I don't know if they appeared outside of the show or not.

Biography: Big Dog and Little Dog are friends who are, as you might imagine, not that bright. Big Dog doesn't talk as much as Little Dog – Little Dog mostly talks about food. Big Dog's actual name is Jonathan, and is is capable of herding sheep. He's usually too lazy to do anything, but he's also very strong. Little Dog is energetic and hyperactive, and is afraid of cats. He doesn't know his name, but does know a little about history. In their adventures, they often run into Kenny Fowler (a small skinny kid with glasses who often needs the dog's help), Hollywood (a large man who likes to point out others mistakes, saying, “Well, isn't that cute? BUT IT'S WRONG!”), Cubby (a fat teenager who helps the dogs with questions and problems), and Red (a small, meek little girl they encounter, who speaks one word in each sentence much louder than the rest of them). Often, these characters are assuming different roles when they're encountered.

Powers: None, unless you count Big Dog's strength.

Group Affiliation: Each other.

Miscellaneous: I didn't see the show when it originally aired, but I did catch reruns on Cartoon Network. I thought it was funny, myself! This show helped launch the careers of Genndy Tartakovsky, Craig McCracken, and many others. Brad Garrett voiced Big Dog, while Mark Schiff voiced Little Dog. A segment on the show was an updated version of Secret Squirrel, called Super Secret Squirrel.

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