Monday, July 23, 2012

Dog of the Geek: Brian Griffin!

briangriffinBreed: White Labrador

Original Appearances: Family Guy (Fox Broadcasting 1998-2001, Cartoon Network/Adult Swim 2004-Present)

Other Appearances: Straight-to-DVD specials, videogame, pinball game, books, and much more. He's also guest-starred on American Dad.

Biography: Brian Griffin is the pet dog of the Griffin family in Quohog, RI. He was born on a farm in Austin, Texas, one of a litter of five puppies by Biscuit and Coco. He was abandoned by his mother (Brian would later blame his cocaine habit on this), and somehow made his way to Rhode Island to attend Brown University (being one class short of graduating). He also served in the Peace Corps before meeting Peter. Apparently, Brian has spent so much time with the Griffins that he thinks of himself as human more than canine, having dated several human women (although he did sire a puppy with Seabreeze, a prize dog owned by Lois Griffin's father. Brian is a smoker and an alcoholic, but is well-cultured despite this. His dog instincts still have a tendency to kick in, though, especially when it would be most humiliating for him. Even though Peter considers Brian to be his closest friend, Brian ends up being paired off at least as often with youngest Griffin Stewie (the baby evil genius).

Powers: Ability to walk upright and speak. Apparently also to be able to get a driver's license.

Group Affiliation: Griffin family.

Miscellaneous: Brian Griffin is voiced by Family Guy series creator Seth MacFarlane, using his natural speaking voice.

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