Thursday, July 05, 2012

Kirby Kovers!

This week's first Kirby Kover is Love Romances #105, and this could almost -- almost -- be mistaken for a John Romita cover! But it's definitely Kirby's work -- you can absolutely tell by looking at the man!

I definitely remember buying Silver Star #1 at my local comic book shop, and Captain Victory #1 before it -- I was thrilled to see new stuff from Kirby, and was disappointed it didn't last longer than it did. Perhaps one reason was that some comics buyers weren't grabbed by this cover? Hard to imagine, I know!

Next, Black Magic Volume 2, Number 5! Spooky stuff here, although it's not as scary as some of Jack's other horror book covers of the era, eh?

Even comparing it to issue #23 of the same title -- look at the faces on these two guys! You know they're scared spitless, and it makes you absolutely want to buy the mag and see what's going on!

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