Sunday, July 15, 2012

Kirby Kovers!

First up this time, it's Journey into Mystery #77, and a Kirby take on the old "Spend the night in the haunted house" story! Interesting take on the ghost, wearing robes instead of being clad as it was in life (presumably)!

Next, it's Tales to Astonish #31... and hey, doesn't that look familiar with the giant mummy? Why, yes it does... check out this previous entry for another giant mummy cover -- is this Mummex again here? Why, no -- it's a different giant mummy!

Next up, it's Strange Tales #111, with the Human Torch facing off against someone garbed entirely in asbestos! Of course, Stan and everyone else treated asbestos as though fire and heat didn't affect it at all -- which is why the Torch is worried. However, there's one way he could've dealt with this guy right there: Blast the street below him with his flame so that Asbestos Man would sink into it, trapping him! Of course, there's always just waiting for cancer to finally claim the guy's life, too... (okay, maybe the last part was in bad taste)

And finally, we have Fantastic Four #176, which I believe was the issue that brought the Impossible Man back from obscurity, having been missing since his initial appearance! I guess they figured there Impy would be more accepted at this point, and it seems they were right! I love this cover design, it immediately gets you interested in what happens inside!

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