Saturday, August 25, 2012

10 of a Kind: Features on Random Acts of Geekery That Ended!

Yes, it's a list of 10 features I tried out on Random Acts of Geekery that, for one reason or another, ended!

1. The Way of the Geek: Most of you should remember this, it was a series I did where I interviewed my fellow geek bloggers and asked about their personal history and how their blogs started. Ended because I ran out of subjects.

2. Certifiably Geek Blogs: My attempt to start a blog award just for geek blogs. It seemed to start off okay, but then we hit a stage where all the blogs that had been awarded the prize never passed it on to someone else!

3. Jon's Comic Reviews: Yes, at one point early in the blog, I was providing brief reviews of the new comics I bought! Discontinued because I stopped enjoying any current comics and stopped buying new comics altogether.

4. Biography: Another one that started and ended the first year of this blog, I was basically writing my biography here! The last time I wrote any of it, I was still on my childhood!

5. Jon's Saturday Morning TV Party: This ran one time and one time only -- I posted way to many YouTube videos in one post that was supposed to remind you about Saturday mornings when you were a child. Ended because it was too many videos in a single page!

6. TV Talk: For a while, I was starting to post thoughts about different shows I was currently watching! Not sure why I ended that, to be honest!

7. The Incredible Internet Guide to Comic Books: This was a book I bought cheap at Half Price Books that promised to be the ultimate guide to comic book sites on the internet -- most of which were already gone by the time I got the book! So I was really just mocking it.

8. TV Comic Cover of the Day/Theme Covers: Yeah, for a while I was posting a comic cover of the day that went with a theme, such as TV Comic Covers. Not sure why I stopped!

9. Sunday Funnies: This was a series of "how to draw" posts scanned from an old book I found!

10. Random Videos of Geekery: Some would argue that I've just replaced this with the Cliffhanger! feature... they would be wrong, as I also posted movie trailers and cartoons and such here too!


  1. Bring it back! Good topics!

    1. We shall see... With my new career in truck driving, the future of this blog is yet to be determined...


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