Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Comic Book Ads!

And I'm still looking at ads from Marvel Comics' Private Eye #5 this time around! This page of ads (and we never see a page of ads like this any more, do we?) got my attention with the "Write Thrilling Love Letters" portion -- because even when I was much younger, I don't think people were writing love letters at all! Definitely a lost art, if you will -- although I suppose in this age where more and more people are finding relationships through dating websites, perhaps it's time to get books like these updated and reissued to benefit those who are writing emails?

Ads like this one are also out of style these days... kind of have been since the 70s, eh? It still amazes me to see ads selling jewelry by mail... especially stuff that's supposed to be "big deal" jewelry, such as that engagement and wedding ring set for five bucks... and just a few inches away, a kit for cutting hair at home! Doesn't that make one feel confident!

It's amazing to me when I see ads like this one in a mainstream comic book, as opposed to a romance comic... because I'm not sure how many women shopping for girdles were reading detective and crime comics!

And how about this ad? It's all books, and I bet none of these books could sell at all today, because there's probably scores of websites you can get this same information from -- heck, I don't think most kids would be interested in the games being promoted in the one portion (I know my son would rather play "Angry Birds" than any pencil and paper game).

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