Thursday, August 16, 2012

Cover Redux!

Ok, this time I'm starting with Amazing Spider-Man #130 and the reprintin Marvel Tales #107... and aside from coloring and shifting the blurbs on the bottom, I can't see any changes... any of you spot anything?

Wow... here's Fantastic Four #56 and Marvel's Greatest Comics #43.... and by eliminating the full moon on the original and recoloring it, it completely changes the time of day this takes place in!

Next, X-Men #35 and X-Men #83! This is an odd one... there are speed lines eliminated on top of Spidey, but one's been added to a hand and foot! It's also shifted slightly to the right. The new speed lines make it look like Spidey's flailing around, eh?

Silver Surfer #6, Fantasy Masterpieces (V2) #6 -- shifted down a smidge, but other than that, looks like all coloring... I kind of prefer the coloring on the reprint, oddly enough!

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