Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Cover Redux!

So, first time around, we've got Amazing Spider-Man #141 and the reprint in Marvel Tales #118 -- ooks to me like it's moved down a bit, and then some recoloring -- why is Ock not in his standard green?!? If you can see anything I don't, put it in the comments, okay?

Next, FF #95, Marvel's Greatest Comics #76! Changes here seem to have been made to accommodate the UPC code... it's reduced just a smidge, the Thing's been rotated, and the Fantasti-Car has been rotated and partly redrawn, too! Oh, and of course, where the original blurb went, new stuff had to be drawn in. The old cover was better, IMHO.

Next, it's Sgt. Fury #36, and Sgt. Fury #105! I think about the time of #105, they were just about ready to go all-reprint, but there were still new stories every now and then. Same basic idea for the cover, with the camera moved up and the action moved to the top of the train. Oddly, this was the first time this story had been reprinted -- the next time, they used the original cover art! I can only guess that they wanted a more modern-looking cover to hide the fact that it was a reprint.

Rather odd changes on the cover of Journey Into Mystery #123 when it was reprinted for Special Marvel Edition #3 -- why they added the circles behind the heads, and rotated the Absorbing Man and Loki, I don't know -- they also added some rubble in front of Thor's right foot!

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