Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Kirby Kovers - King Kirby Birthday Edition!

Yes, it's Jack Kirby's birthday today, and to celebrate, it's an extra-large installment of Kirby Kovers!
First, Black Magic Vol. 1, #6! I love the Simon and Kirby covers on this title... they're so... I don't know, organic or something! Very moody, and perfectly colored! Could this possibly be done as a scene in a movie or TV show and come out nearly this moody?

Fantastic Four #181 is next, and the Thing is positively bounding out of the Baxter Building! Notice how everything's framing the Thing here... Red and Sue, the word balloons, the entrance to the building, the Torch, and the other people on the sidewalk!

Next, Forever People #11, and this is a great cover! Kirby's work on the Fourth World titles shows an excitement and enthusiasm I'm not sure Jack had for any of the work he did afterwards.

Fantastic Four #51 - Great cover, greatest comic book story of all time?

Captain Victory and the Galactic Rangers #5 is next... would anyone but Kirby have had the audacity to put something like this into a book? Certainly, there's nobody working at DC or Marvel today who could pull off this sort of thing without making it absurd!

Strange Tales #133 is next, and unlike some of the 1960s anthology/split feature books, it looks like maybe Kirby did both parts? But let's focus on the Torch and Thing side, okay? It's a tribute to Kirby's skill that he could put the Thing and the Torch battling some human-shaped toys like this, and draw them in such a way that they intentionally look plastic!

Boy Commandos #24 is next, and I really need to read this story sometime... I've been wondering what it was about since I first saw this cover in All in Color for a Dime!

Finally, here's a Kirby cover for a reprint volume of Magicman stories... published some years after Kirby's death. I know, you're wondering, "What the heck?" Well, this cover was originally a Stuntman illustration that Kirby had done in 1979, which Joe Sinnon re-inked (presumably from a copy) to change into Magicman!

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