Tuesday, August 07, 2012

The Indexible Hulk #31!

Tales to Astonish 075Issue: Tales to Astonish #75

Title: “Not All My Power Can Save Me!”

Credits: Written by Stan Lee, Layouts by Jack Kirby, Finishes by Mike Esposito (as Mickey Demeo), Letters by Sam Rosen.

Supporting Cast: General Ross, Betty Ross, Major Talbot, Rick Jones.

Villain: None per se.

Hulk Intelligence: Surprisingly eloquent, although he's still slipping!

Guest-Stars: The Watcher (cameo)

Plot: With the Leader dead, the Hulk is freed of his debt! He takes the globe and leaps away, going from Italy to the Alps, where he stops and thinks. Meanwhile, back at the missile base, Ross has been ordered to run tests on Bruce Banner's T-Gun! Of course, during the whole process, everyone's going on and on about how it's too bad Banner was a traitor, and now he's dead. Betty, of course, still defends Bruce. Rick Jones, meanwhile, is in a guard house (nice to know due process doesn't exist here, eh?). Rick decides to tell the guards he needs to talk to the President (the only other person who knows Bruce is the Hulk), but the guards just laugh at him (did Rick lose his Avengers ID card?). Meanwhile, the Hulk decides to try on the globe, and it starts to act on his brain, making it feel as if it's on fire – but one thing does get through clearly, Rick's thought that only the president can help. The Hulk removes the globe, and after taking a moment to recover, leaps off. The Watcher causes the globe to return to him, and we learn it was the Watcher's intervention that let the Hulk interpret that one message. Meanwhile, the Hulk is heading for Washington, DC, and Ross is prepared to use the T-Gun to stop him! As the Hulk nears the Capitol building, the T-Gun is fired, and the Hulk is gone! Or is he? As the Hulk says, “Banner... was only trying to learn... if a sudden blast which altered the light waves around a person, could send him to a different time!” While the Hulk is able to recall all of this easily, note he doesn't think of himself as being Banner! As the Hulk starts to look around this future Earth, he's suddenly captured by some kind of weapon that he breaks out of easily! The army that attacked him is led by a man who instantly recognizes the Hulk!

Invention Exchange: The T-Gun, invented by Bruce Banner – when the heck did he have time to build this thing? And why was he working on some kind of time travel ray, anyway?

Reprinted In: The Incredible Hulk Special #4, Essential Hulk #1

Notes: Adapted as episode 34 of the 1966 Hulk animated series. If you think things have gotten a bit weird at this point, wait until the next time around!

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