Sunday, September 30, 2012

Character Collectible Spotlight: The JSA/All-Star Squad/Infinity Inc, Part 1!

Figured I'd get the Earth-Two guys in one group! atom_unpub_gallagher.jpg First, we have this unpublished Atom page by Gallagher! drfatelg Dr. Fate poster! killerontheroadbook_spectre I have no idea why the Spectre is on the cover of this book! slurpee_73doctorfate.JPG Dr. Fate Slurpee cup! slurpee_73hourman Hourman Slurpee Cup! slurpee_73starman Starman Slurpee Cup! slurpee_73wildcat.JPG Wildcat Slurpee Cup! spectre by neal adams Page 27 from The Spectre #5, by Neal Adams! wanted_7cov_cardy.jpg Wanted #7 cover by Nick Cardy! spectre06_cov_anderson.jpg Spectre #6 cover by Murphy Anderson! allstarsquad66_cov_jones.JPG All-Star Squadron #66 cover by Arvell Jones! allstar71_07_staton.JPG All-Star #71, page 7, by Joe Staton! allstar67_pg24_staton.JPG All-Star #67, page 24, by Staton -- featuring Power Girl's butt! allamerican110_unpu_reinman.jpg A set of panels from an unpublished page originally planned for All-American Comics #110, by Reinman! bb062_cov_anderson.jpg Murphy Anderson's re-creation of his cover to Brave and the BOld #62! infinityinc6_pg25_ordway.JPG Infinity Inc #6, page 25, by Jerry Ordway! superteam2_covalt_giordano.jpg Super-Team Family #2, alternate cover by Dick Giordano! allstarsquad52_14_arvelljon.jpg Page 14 from All-Star Squadron #52, by Jones! allstarsquad43_cov_newton.jpg All-Star Squadron #43, cover by Don Newton! allstarpg_02_reinman.JPG Page 2 from an unknown issue of All-Star, by Reinman! allstar59_06_wood.jpg Page 6 from All-Star #59, by Wally Wood! allstar68_29_staton Page 29 from All-Star #68, by Joe Staton! allstar68_20_staton.JPG Page 20 from All-Star #68! infinityinc19_09_mcfarlane Page 9 from Infinity Inc. #19, by Todd McFarlane! dcspecialdigest09_cov_andru.jpg DC Special Digest #9, cover by Ross Andru! allstar59_25_estrada-wood Page 25 from All-Star #59, by Ric Estrada and Wally Wood! awodcc05 The Amazing World of DC Comics #5! jsa08_cov_parobeck Justice Society #8, cover by Mike Parobeck (we miss ya, Mike!). allstar59_26_estrada-wood Page 26 from All-Star Comics #59, by Estrada and Wood! showcase99_12_staton.JPG Page 12 from Showcase #99, by Staton! allstar70_08_staton Page 8 from All-Star #70, by Staton! spectre07_20_dillin Page 20 from Spectre #7, by Dick Dillin! infinityinc50_14_argondezzi Page 14 from Infinity, Inc. #50, by Vince Argondezzi! jla091_17_dillin Page 17 from JLA #91, by Dillin! jla064_14_dillin Page 14 from JLA #64, by Dillin! jla064_21_dillin Page 21 from the same issue! youngallstars01_01_argonezzi Page 1 from Young All-Stars #1, by Vince Argonezzi! showcase56_18_anderson Page 18 from Showcase #56, by Murphy Anderson! dclicensing_40_drfate Dr. Fate licensing artwork by Mike DeCarlo! allstarsquad12_cov_kubert All-Star Squadron #12 cover by Joe Kubert! More Earth-Two Goodies to come!

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