Thursday, September 06, 2012

Character Collectible Spotlight: The Justice League of America, Part 2!

jla062_05_sekowsky.jpg Lots of art here, beginning with page 5 from JLA #62, by Mike Sekowsky! jla061_05_sekowsky.jpg Page 5 from JLA #61, by Sekowsky! jla060_18_sekowsky.jpg Page 18 from JLA #60, by Sekowsky! jla060_11_sekowsky.jpg Page 11 from JLA #60! More pages from the same issue below! jla060_01_sekowsky.jpg jla060_02_sekowsky.jpg jla060_04_sekowsky.jpg jla060_07_sekowsky.jpg jla060_09_sekowsky.JPG jla042_01_sekowsky.jpg Page 1 from JLA #42, by Sekowsky! jla008_08_sekowsky.jpg Page 8 from JLA #8, by Sekowsky! dcsh_tpb_jla77pb.jpg Tempo Books JLA paperback! jla143_18_dillin Page 8 from JLA #143, by Dick Dillin! jla160_06_dillin.jpg Page 6 from JLA #160, by DIllin! jla191_10_buckler.JPG Page 10 from JLA #191, by Rich Buckler! jla025_27_sekowsky Page 27 from JLA #25, by Sekowsky! jla142_32_dillin Page 32 from JLA #142, by Dillin! jla146_03_dillin.JPG Page 3 from JLA #146, by Dillin! dcsh_jlarubberniks Rubb'r'Niks! awodcc10 awodcc14 The Amazing World of DC Comics #10 and 14! jla072_10_dillin.jpg Page 10 of JLA #72, by Dillin! jla188_18_buckler.jpg Page 18 from JLA #188, by Rich Buckler! jla142_34_dillin Page 34 from JLA #142, by Dillin! jla201_03_heck Page 3 from JLA #201, by Don Heck! jla149_08_dillin Page 8 from JLA #149, by Dillin! jla004_01_sekowsky Page 1 from JLA #4, by Sekowsky! More pages follow... jla004_02_sekowsky jla004_03_sekowsky jla004_04_sekowsky jla004_05_sekowsky jla004_06_sekowsky jla004_07_sekowsky jla004_08_sekowsky jla004_10_sekowsky jla004_11_sekowsky jla004_12_sekowsky jla004_13_sekowsky jla004_14_sekowsky jla004_15_sekowsky jla004_16_sekowsky jla004_19_sekowsky jla004_21_sekowsky jla004_23_sekowsky jla004_24_sekowsky jla004_21_sekowsky 20-42-33 jla004_25_sekowsky jla004_26_sekowsky jla015_15_sekowsky Page 15 from JLA #15, by Sekowsky! jla016_17_sekowsky Page 17 from JLA #16, by Sekowsky! jla053_12_sekowsky Page 12 from JLA #53, by Sekowsky! jla061_23_sekowsky Page 23 from JLA #61, by Sekowsky! jla092_12_dillin Page 12 from JLA #92, by Dillin! jla205_12_heck Page 12 from JLA #205 by Heck! jla015_13_sekowsky Page 13 from JLA #15, by Sekowsky! One more bunch to go!

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