Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Character Collectible Spotlight: The Justice League of America, Part 3!

jla022_20_sekowsky First up, we have JLA #22, page 20, by Mike Sekowsky! jla159_cov_buckler Cover for JLA #159, by Rich Buckler! dclicensing_47_elongatedman dclicensing_15_blackcanary dclicensing_39_martianmanhunter dclicensing_49_firestorm dclicensing_54_redtornado dclicensing_46_plasticman dclicensing_55_zatanna DC Licensing Artwork by Mike DeCarlo! jla094_cov_adams Cover to JLA #94, by Neal Adams! jla015_14_sekowsky Page 14 from JLA #15, by Sekowsky! jla062_21_sekowsky Page 21 from JLA #62, by Sekowsky! jla143_01_dillin Page 1 from JLA #143, by Dick Dillin! jla200_35_infantino Page 35 from JLA #200, by Carmine Infantino! jla053_08_sekowsky Page from JLA #53, by Sekowsky! jla_lunarinvadersbook_buckler Original art from the JLA Lunar Invaders kids' book, by Rich Buckler! jla149_04_dillin Page 4 from JLA #149, by Dillin! jla062_21_sekowsky Page 21 from JLA #62, by Sekowsky! jla092_14_dillin Page 14 from JLA #92, by DIllin! dcsh_jla_gumtattoo69 1969 JLA Gum! jla129_07_dillin Page 7 from JLA #129, by DIllin! dcsh224_cov_patton Cover from JLA #224, by Chuck Patton! jla019_01_sekowsky Page 1 from JLA #19, by Sekowsky! jla022_17_sekowsk Page 17 from JLA #22, by Sekowsky! jla19_19_sekowsky Page 21 from JLA #19, by Sekowsky! jla24_11_sekowsky Page 11 from JLA #24, by Sekowsky! jla29_19_sekowsky Page 19 from JLA #29, by Sekowsky! jla204_13_heck Page 13 from JLA #204, by Don Heck! ja205_06_heck JLA #205, page 6, by Heck! jla145_unk_dillin Page 13 from JLA #145, by Dillin! jla192_03_perez And lastly, page 3 from JLA #192, by George Perez!

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