Sunday, September 09, 2012

Comic Book Ads!

reptilicus02_26 The first ad this time around comes from Charlton's Reptilicus #2, and obviously other books from the same release period. Charlton ran a LOT of contests back in the early 60s or so, many of them tieing-in with movies and the like, but this one is a bit different... apparently the E*Z*Do Swimming Pool company needed to get themselves better known or something? It's a pretty cool prize for a company known for operating on a tight budget, eh? And no, I don't know what the winning name of the monster was. reptilicus02_27 reptilicus02_31 From the same comic book, here's a nice half-page Johnson Smith ad... and it's amazing how many of these items continued to sell through the 1970s and possibly even the early 1980s through comics (and some still sell today online). I don't think the chameleons are still being sold via mail order, however... I remember reading somewhere that some of the poor creatures arrived at the recipients' address starved to death, or otherwise dead from probably starvation or thirst or shock! reptilicus02_34 The bottom half of this page's ad no doubt features a number of things that Johnson Smith also sold, although this wasn't their ad! I'd bet that Archie McPhee sells some of these things still! reptilicus02_35 Here's yet another ad of novelties, this one for "Horror House Products Corp" -- yet it looks for all the world like a standard Johnson Smith ad!

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