Saturday, September 29, 2012

Comic Book Ads!

thirteen08_35 Remember last time around, I had an ad for plastic soldiers with a photo from Dell's Thirteen... Going on Eighteen? Well, this is from issue 8 of that title, and they've gone to using drawings instead of a photo -- and I'll bet they got many more orders from this ad than the photo ad! thirteen09_36 This is from the following issue, and they've added color! What really strikes me as strange about this ad is, though it appears in a Dell comic book, doesn't it look for all the world like someone at Charlton Comics put it together? It's got that typeset look in that box, and just the whole thing screams "Charlton did this" to me! thirteen10_35 This is from Thirteen #10, and thank goodness it's not more Toy Soldiers, eh? Still, it is someone selling a bunch of crap stamps for a quarter that probably weren't worth even that, eh? thirteen10_36 And we'll wrap this up with this Daisy BB guns ad... wow, it's like a scene out of "A Christmas Story," isn't it?

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