Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Cool Stuff!

power_shazam_powerrecord This time around, we start with some Power Records, beginning with the above Shazam! one that kind of gives away a plot development... powerbatman_recordriddler.JPG If this Batman vs. the Riddler one is the one I'm thinking of, the cover image is better than the actual record itself! powerbatman_recordstackedcards.JPG I'm not sure why Peter Pan discontinued the Power Records imprint, but this was clearly after that. I don't recall if I've listened to this one yet! powerdcsh_ww_powerrecords I'm pretty sure I've heard one of these Wonder Woman stories... None of the Wonder Woman records I've heard really come off all that well, probably because they didn't get the proper voice talent for WW herself! powergijoe_mummystombrec1 powergijoe_mummystombrec2 powergijoe_mummystombrec3 powergijoe_powerrecords These GI Joe book and record sets are pretty cool, at least the two I've heard! powersuperman_poweralbum Heres the last of these... at least for a while... the Superman records I've heard are a bit uneven, some of them aren't bad, some are abysmal. None of them actually use Superman comics as the basis, unlike the Marvel ones that originally came out. prehistoricwomen_belgian Next, we have this Belgium poster for the movie "Prehistoric Women," which I have to admit, I've never seen! puppetmightymouse_fingerpuppet.jpg Here's the first in a series of Puppets, it's a Mighty Mouse finger puppet which also comes with some kind of space vehicle, so it's kind of two toys in one! puppetpopeye_puppets Popeye and Wimpy puppets -- with their names across their chests, did Ben Cooper's people design the bodies? Still, I'd love to have these in my toy collection! puppetpufnstuf_jimmypuppet Next, it's a puppet of Jimmy from H.R. Pufnstuf... and boy, is his body distorted! Plus, I'm not sure how smart an idea it was to have Freddy the Flute sticking out of his pants like that, instead of out of a pocket! purplemonsterstrikes_belgian Moving on, here's a Belgium poster for "The Purple Monster Strikes" -- I wonder if they called him the Orange Monster, given the coloring on this poster? pushpuppethb_flintstones_pushpuppet Flintstones Push Puppet and Card Game! Yes, it's Push Puppet time! pushpuppethb_secretsquirrel_pushpuppet That's a great-looking Secret Squirrel Push Puppet! One day, it shall be mine! pushpuppethb_yogi_pushpuppet Yogi Bear push puppet! pushpuppetsuperman_60spushpuppetpushpuppetsuperman_60strapeze And lastly, a few Superman push puppets, one of them trapeze style! puzzlebatman_puzzle.JPG And now, as you might've guessed, time for some puzzles! Here's a cool Batman one! puzzlebatman_sp_puzzle A very cool Batman Super Powers puzzle! puzzledcsh_sp_aquamanpuzzle Aquaman Super Powers Frame-Tray Puzzle! puzzlegijoe_puzzle GI Joe Puzzle! puzzlehb_atomantpuzzle Atom Ant Puzzle! puzzlehb_frankjrpuzzle puzzlehb_frankjrpuzzle2 Frankenstein, Jr. Puzzle! puzzlehb_huck_uzzle Huckleberry Hound Puzzle! puzzlekrofft_landoflost_puzzle Land of the Lost Puzzle! One of the few pieces of Land of the Lost merchandise made! puzzlemonkees_puzzle Monkeepuzzle! puzzlemsh_hulk_floorpuzzle.jpg Hulk Floor Puzzle! puzzlemsh_puzzle This Marvel Super-Heroes puzzle may have been a Canadian item, given the dual language! puzzlepopeye_jaymarpuzzle puzzlepopeye_jaymarpuzzle puzzlepopeye_puzzle1 puzzlepopeye_puzzle3 Popeye Puzzles! puzzlepota_auroraposterpuzzlegalen Planet of the Apes Poster Puzzle from Aurora! puzzlespidey_76puzzle 1976 Spider-Man puzzle! puzzlest_puzzlepuzzlest_puzzle Star Trek puzzles! puzzlesuperman_auroraposterpuzzle Superman Poster Puzzle! puzzleyellowsub puzzleyellowsub_jaymarpuzzle2 puzzleyellowsub_puzzle puzzleyellowsub_puzzle2 puzzleyellowsub_puzzle3 And lastly, here's a bunch of Beatles Yellow Submarine puzzles!

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