Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Cool Stuff!

shootingloneranger_arcade The first item this week is this Lone Ranger shooting gallery, which is certainly appropriate for a Lone Ranger toy! shootingpota_popnspinpostoltargetset This Planet of the Apes toy is reallly bizarre, because of it being the propeller-launching gun, which has nothing to do with POTA! shootingspidey_bigcitytargetset.jpg shootingspidey_bigcitytargetset2.jpg This Big City Target Set is a clever reuse of the "web shooter" toy that the same company came up with (namely, a wrist-worn version of a dart gun). shrinkydinksdcsh_shrinkydinks1 shrinkydinksdcsh_shrinkydinks2 The coloring directions on the back of this frankly stink, but I think it would be great to have this Shrinky Dinks set just for all the great licensing art that was used for the tracings! sixmillion_actionclubkit Six Million Dollar Man Bionic Action Club Kit! I believe this was a Kenner offering. sixmillion_bionicbeautysalon The Bionic Beauty Salon offered as a Bionic Woman accessory, naturally -- note that Kenner never came out with the Bionic Barber Shop for Steve! sixmillion_drinkware Six Million Dollar Man Drinkware! sixmillion_jawsofdoommodel_built Jaws of Doom Model Built and Painted - nice! sixmillion_posterputons Poster Put-Ons! I don't ever recall seeing this when I was a kid! sixmillion_turbomoto Turbo Moto! space1999_75coloring Space: 1999 Coloring Book from 1975! spaceatomicgun Atomic Gun toy! spaceraygun spaceraygun2 Space Ray Gun! spaceviewer_projector This Space Viewer Projector gun looks like a sort of reissue of the old Superman Krypto-Ray Projector! spacechildren_lc The Space Children lobby card! spaceflight_tc1_lc Spaceflight TC-1 lobby card! spacemanagainstsatellites_frnech Spaceman Against Satellites French Poster! spaceodysseyfr4 2001: A Space Odyssey French lobby card! sparklemsh_sparklepaints1 sparklemsh_sparklepaints2 Marvel Super-Heroes Sparkle Paints! speedracer_60ssonosheet Speed Racer 1960s Book and Record Set! speedracer_68japanesecomic 1968 Speed Racer Japanese Comic from 1968! speedracer_japandiecast Kind of a bizarre Speed Racer Japanese die cast figure! speedracer_mach5_argentinasoft Soft squishy Mach 5 from Argentina! speedracer_mach5shootingstar_argent This Mach 5 and Shooting Star toys also come from Argentina! speedracer_menko1 Speed Racer Menko Game from Japan! speedracer_meteoro28_argentina Argentina Speed Racer Comic! speedracer_record1.jpg speedracer_record2.jpg speedracer_record3.jpg speedracer_sonosheet speedracer_sonosheet1 speedracer_sonosheet2 speedracer_sonosheet3 speedracer_sonosheet4 speedracer_sonosheet5 speedracer_sonosheet6 speedracer_sonosheet7 speedracer_sonosheet8 More Speed Racer book and record sets from Japan!

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