Sunday, September 30, 2012

Cover Redux!

018 First up in this installment of Cover Redux, we have Daredevil #25 and Marvel Adventure #4! What immediately strkes me is that the Daredevil figure is diferent... shifted, and less shading than the original. Leap Frot and other elements appear to be rotated slightly, too. The Grand Comics Database just says it's reprinted from the original, but I would have to say that it's a new Daredevil figure pasted onto a stat of the original art. There's just too many different details, you know? If I had to guess who did the new DD figure, I'd put my money on Sal Buscema, although I wouldn't put much on that bet! 176 Next, we have Avengers #25 and Marvel Triple Action #19! I'm really tempted to suggest that the figure of Dr. Doom wasn't just reduced from the original, he was either touched up after reducing or possibly redrawn. The GCD says it's jsut a reprint, but look at the details, especially on the armor -- the chrome effect is definitely more detailed on the original, while the reprint goes for more bold, thick lines. Een the cape detail has much heavier shading. Another thing to note is that the background between Doom's legs is entirely diferent than the original, save for the shadow (which was Doom's shadow, wasn't it? So why not fix that?). I'm thinking this was John or Sal Buscema drawing anew Doom while trying to copy the original as much as possible. Also, isn't it amusing how often the original lettering for a blurb gets reused, even if the blurb shape is completely different, and the lines of text are broken up differently? 198 Next, Sub-Mariner #4, and Tales to Astonish #4... and aside from the coloring, and the image being shifted down and to the right, added to on the left slightly, and cropped at the bottom, I don't see a difference -- do you? 519 This is another cover set that I'm not sure changes were made to... Amazing Spider-Man #155 and Marvel Tales #132! Sure, the original is shifted down slightly, and the text on the bottom is completely removed and replaced with the Captain Britain one, but aside from that and coloring variations, I don't really see any differences.

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