Thursday, September 13, 2012

Dog of the Geek: Ein!

Ein2Breed: Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Original Appearances: Cowboy Bebop

Other Appearances: Possibly some manga of the series

Biography: Ein was at an illegal research facility where his intelligence was greatly enhanced, but was stolen one day by Abdul Hakim. Later, Spike Spiegel, one of the bounty hunters of the spaceship Cowboy Bebop ended up with Ein after failing to capture Hakim. Ein is not capable of speaking, so his intelligence seems to be unnoticed by most of the crew save for Ed, the 13-year-old female hacker of the crew. There are several times through the course of the show where Ein demonstrates his intelligence, such as understanding what others say around him, answering incoming calls on computers, and saving members of the crew from things like poisonous mushrooms. When last seen, Ein was living with Ed on Earth.

Powers: Enhanced intelligence

Group Affiliation: Cowboy Bebop crew

Miscellaneous: Cowboy Bebop is a very entertaining bit of Japanese animation, sort of a jazzy science fiction show about bounty hunters in space. It also has what is probably the coolest theme song of any anime I've ever heard! It's often shown on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim block, and if you get a chance to start watching this 24-episode series from the beginning, I highly recommend it.

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