Friday, September 07, 2012

Kirby Kovers!

First up this time around is Jack's cover to Marvel Two-In-One #19. Was this the only time Jack drew Tigra? It might be! Anyway, this cover is all-action, with lots of great Kirby energy effects to enjoy! Notice how the eye gets drawn through the entire cover, so that no matter where you start, you're going to see it all!

Of course, this is the cover to The Jack Kirby Reader V.2, and it's actually reprinted from Win-A-Prize Comics #1... but we haven't seen that one yet, so here's this one! This is colored different, anyway.

Here's Sgt. Fury #8, and yes, you are going to be seeing more covers from this series on this blog! It's a real departure for this title, with the death ray thing... Not that the book ever got all that realistic (at least, not compared to DC's war books, anyway), but this went way outside the norm even for Fury! Jack went for a fairly straightforward design here, with the eye being drawn to Zemo, then following the ray to Fury and the Howlers.

Ah, Fantastic Four #4... do I even need to say anything about this cover at all?

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