Monday, September 17, 2012

Kirby Kovers!

First up this time around is Adventure Comics #93, and wow! What a cover! I mean, check out the dragon that Sandman and Sandy are riding! The only thing that mars this cover at all is the position of Sandman's right leg... it just doesn't look right!

I've always been amazed and impressed by Kirby's ability to put a bunch of characters on a cover and yet it doesn't feel forced -- I mean, look at this one! Everything fits like jigsaw puzzle pieces! There's seven characters here, and Black Talon is like a third of the cover!

Wow... just wow! This is Two-Gun Kid #76's cover, and look at how great this is! I like that Jack had the front of the train away from our viewpoint, as opposed to what would probably be more often used with it driving toward us, because the train itself isn't supposed to be getting our attention, it's the Kid and the bandits he's fighting!

Coincidentally enough, here's Kid Colt #103, with the protagonist again dealing with a train robbery! Completely different from the one above, still pretty good (not quite as eyecatching as the Two-Gun cover, but still pretty good).

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