Friday, September 07, 2012

Monster Stuff!

housethatdripped_lc1 First up this time around is the lobby card above and stills below for "The House that Dripped Blood"! housethatdripped_still1 housethatdripped_still2 housethatdripped_still3 housethatdripped_still4 housethatdripped_still5 howtomakemonster_still Still from "How to Make a Monster" featuring a sort-of return of the Teenage Frankenstein! humanvaporos The Human Vapor one-sheet poster! hunchback1 hunchback2 hunchback4 Lobby cards for the Charles Laughton Hunchback of Notre Dame above, and Belgium and Bulgarian posters below! hunchback_laughton_belgium hunchback_laughton_bulgaria hunchback_laughton_mexlc Mexican lobby card above, US poster below! hunchback_laughton_poster1 hunchback_laughton_still1 Laughton Hunchback still above, Uruguay poster below! hunchback_laughton_uruguay hunchback_chaney_french French window card for the Chaney Hunchback above, and a US poster below! hunchback_chaney_poster hunchback_chaney_still1 hunchback_chaney_still2 Hunchback stills! hyptnoticeye_poster The Hypnotic Eye poster! incredibletwoheaded_mexlc The Incredible Two-Headed Transplant Mexican lobby card above, US poster below! incredibletwoheadedtransplant2os invisblemansrevenge_italian The Invisible Man's Revenge Italian poster! invisibleboy_mexlc The Invisible Boy Mexican lobby card above, stills below! invisibleboy_still1 invisibleboy_still1 invisibleboy_still2

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