Sunday, September 16, 2012

My Toys: Duncan Batmobile!

It's certainly no secret that I love, LOVE, the 1966 Batmobile (the only car that comes close to it in my geeky heart is the Mach 5), and so a while back, when I was browsing through eBay and saw an action for two Batmobiles (the other one was a 1989 or so movie Batmobile), with a starting bid of $8 or $9, and cheap shipping, I went ahead and placed a lowball bid, fully expecting to be outbid!

Obviously, I wasn't outbid... and to my delight, I got this and the other Batmobile cheap! I anxiously awaited its arrival, and was not disappointed at all. Now, I know it doesn't look in that great a shape in this photo, because mine's gotten a bit dusty, but it's a really nice representation of the car! Oh, mine does have one hubcap missing on the left front tire, but other than that, it's very cool!

The other Batmobile? Well, I gave that to Tristan to play with, and now it's vanished. But this one has a place of pride on a shelf in my office that it shares with other Batmobiles as well as Speed Racer stuff.

The kicker on this? There was a tag still on it from the Antique Station, who I guess was the seller of this toy, and they had a price written on it of $22! So for about half the price that the seller originally tried to get for it, I got mine! It pays to browse sometimes, eh?

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