Tuesday, September 04, 2012

My Toys: T. Rex!

So, having been doing the new, revived Random Acts of Geekery for some months, I realized that some of my new features (namely, Rant-Itorial) and some revived ones (like 10 of a Kind) weren't really working out as well for me as I'd hoped... so this month, I'm instituting some new features, and here's one of them: My Toys!

As you can probably guess, this will features toys that I have in my collection, especially ones I've not written about before. Now, I don't have that large a toy collection, so I'm not sure how long this will last, but we'll see!

With each of these, I'll tell you what the toy is, how I got it in the first place, and what appeals about it to me. So, here's the first one!

This guy has been apparently called a lot of different names... and when I got him, the package read something like "T. Rex Dinosaur." He was made by Jamina World Corp. in 1987, and I bought him in a toy shop that used to exist at New York, New York in Las Vegas, when my first wife and I were on our honeymoon.

Obviously, the appeal to me is that, while it's called a T. Rex, the dorsal spines are intended to evoke Godzilla! When you put the batteries in Rexilla (as I like to call him), and turn him on, he walks and growls, his eyes flash, and his mouth opens and closes.


What I love most about this is that the whole fur over mechanics reminds me of the rubber suit over an actor for the Godzilla movies. And remind me one of these days to shoot some video of him and post it, okay?

Apparently, Rexilla has become fairly sought-after, and may be the most valuable toy I have right now! I did some checking, and a loose one sold on eBay for $80, which is a pretty big jump from the $10 or so I originally paid for it. That doesn't mean I'll be giving Rexilla up, of course (at least, not for $80, anyway)!

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