Saturday, September 29, 2012

So... Here's An Update of Sorts...

This could be a long one, kids... strap yourselves in!

It's been a very interesting couple of months for me. As many of you should remember, after nearly a year of looking for work as a Medical Assistant (you know, that thing I went to college two years to earn a degree in, which I chose because it was supposed to be a high-demand occupation according to the US government), I wasn't getting anywhere (because everyone wants experience), so I decided to do something different... namely, truck driving.

So, I enrolled in the C.R. England Premier Truck Driving School, which had me in Salt Lake City for a little over two weeks going through their course, often putting in 12-hour days in classes. There were some pretty stressful times there, but I eventually made it through and earned my Commercial Drivers' License, Class A. Once that was done, I was assigned to a Phase I trainer named Kevin, so I could get some real-world experience and fill in the gaps in my education (a lot of it was getting practice backing the truck into parking spaces and to customer docks), and after that, I was dropped off at England's school in Dallas, Texas for some upgrade training.

Now, while all this was going on, there was stuff happening at home, naturally... but all I'm going to really share about that is that the person who rear-ended me in the second accident (did I mention being rear-ended in June and July before? If not, my bad) was going to traffic court about a ticket, and there was a sub-poena sent to my house asking me to be there. This gave me a really good reason to get home after the upgrade training.

The main reason I wanted to get home, of course, was to get some time with my wife and kids, because I'd been away for seven and a half weeks... also to get some competent medical treatment for the injuries I suffered in both accidents (the second one made things much worse than they'd been before). Trying to get chiropractic treatment on the road proved to be much more challenging than I'd originally anticipated, and getting competent treatment was even harder!

So, about a week and a half ago, I arrived back home, and started getting things taken care of here that I needed to take care of.

Now, here's the thing: The next phase of training with C.R. England would've had me away from home for at least two and a half months! I can't be away from my family that long again... I was getting close to being burned out after the four weeks on the road with Kevin! Something had to change.

Well, change was a'coming...

After a few days at home relaxing and recovering from the stress of being away, I contacted some other trucking companies that had operations closer to home to see who would be willing to take me on... and one of them, Swift Transportation, did! They have a terminal in Sumner, Washington (about 35 miles from my house), and that should get me back here much more often. Now, I don't expect that I'll be gone for five days and home every weekend... heck, I think I could deal with three weeks on the road, and one week at home... but from what I've been seeing and what I've heard, this company will work out to be a much better fit for me.

Now, on to other things... right now, as I'm writing this, Random Acts of Geekery has posts prepared through the end of the year... but as you can imagine, being out on the road as often as I'll be, I figure that maintaining the same schedule here would be nearly impossible! So, what I think I'll be doing is changing things up again around the first of the year.

Here's what I kind of envision... RAOG will go to a Monday through Friday schedule (it doesn't seem like there's many readers on the weekends as it is), and at least initially, I'm going to only have one post per day on those days. We'll see how far ahead I can get, and if I feel I've got enough room in my schedule to maintain the same pace and still be able to work ahead, I'll gradually up the posts per day to two five days a week. I don't believe I'll be getting back to seven days a week unless something major happens, like winning the lottery!

Now, some of the features you've been accustomed to here are probably going to be appearing much less often... and some may disappear entirely (such as the MST3K reviews, as they take the longest of any feature I do). I've still got to work out the calendar schedule, but I'll be looking at each feature individually and deciding what's going to happen with it. Some features were pretty much about running the course already, due to my running out of materials.

There may be times when I'll take the easy way out and do a "theme week," so there may be one week that's all Fandom Library, or a week of Comic Reading Library, or even a Cool Stuff week... but I can't say when those'll be happening for sure!

Anyway, I hope you'll continue to stick around through the changes!

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