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The Beatles Cartoon, Episode 5!

The first cartoon in this episode is "Baby's In Black," which opens with a sign announcing "Welcome to Transylvania," which the Beatles have traveled to because Ringo wanted to see it -- except that Ringo really wanted to see Pennsylvania ("Where the pencils come from") and he misheard the travel agent. They're at a spooky castle, knocking on the door when it suddenly opens, and George goes tumbling in!
Ringo remarks a door opening by itself is cheaper than hiring a butler, and they wander inside and look around.

0502Paul finds a sarcophagus, and closes himself inside (because he's always wanted to know what it was like being a mummy -- to which Ringo replies, "I'd imagine like being a daddy."). When John knocks on the sarcophagus, Paul refuses to come out, but somehow ends up activating a panel that drops him down a slide! John opens the sarcophagus and realizes Paul's not there.

Meanwhile, Paul arrives in the laboratory of Professor Psycho, who invites Paul to witness his latest creation, Vampiress, half girl and half bat. The Professor throws the switch, and electricity flashes, and his creation rises up from the table!

0504The Professor introduces Paul to Vampiress as her husband-to-be, which she likes, but Paul's not happy about that! Paul tries to run away, and Vampiress chases him. The song begins during the chase, as Paul runs and Vampiress flies. Paul goes through a door and closes it, but she's already on the other side! There's a few other gags like this. At one point, there's a whole line of monsters shown, and Paul tries to pass himself off as one of them, but to no avail. She finally captures Paul.

Above, the other Beatles are still searching for the way to open the panel, and a few different buttons are tried, but one finally opens a panel under their feet, and John, Paul and George go down another side as the wedding march begins! The Professor's conducting the ceremony, and is about to pronounce them man and wife when the other Beatles come crashing in!

0506Paul's happy to see them, but when the Professor's about to flee, Ringo notices that his beard is now askew, and he's a phony -- and so is Vampiress, who's really a singer! The whole thing was put on to get the Beatles to notice her, and put her into their act. Vampiress flew via wires. Paul's happy that she's not a vampire, and kisses her, but his kiss causes her to fly for real, outside of the castle and off into the distance! This causes the Beatles to run away in fright... as does the former professor (who was her manager)!

0507Next, it's the singalong, beginning with "I'll Get You." George introduces it, and Ringo as propman is told to get some mood stuff. Ringo goes out and comes back with a cow... "mooed," not "mood." When Ringo tries to get the cow to moo again, she kicks him off stage.

0508So the song begins, and if you're familiar with the song, you'll know how odd it is that the first "Oh, yeah" has been edited out! It also sounds like the song has been slowed down slightly, because it's just off-key! The background stuff going on has John in safari costume hunting, while George has been captured by something. Ringo gets frightened by a lion, and Paul runs into a gorilla! Anyway, aside from the odd edit at the beginning, and the song being slowed, there's no messing up with the lyrics on-screen.

0509 George is complimentary for the most part, although he calls out a few kids by name for their singing or lack thereof! Ringo is told the next song is a "swinging ring-a-dinger," and so Ringo calls for a bell to be dropped on George. Then, Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson walk on-stage, saying that bell (which now has a crack in it) is just what they needed! They thank Ringo, and take the bell away.

0510 The song begins, and it's "Chains," and the opening instrumental is edited out. The graphics with this take place on an old-style sailing ship, and each Beatle walks by with an iron ball chained to them. There's evidence on-screen that the confusion between "your" and "you're" is nothing new, because the line "I think you're fine" is rendered as "I think your fine"! That's the only lyric error, however.

0511The final segment is called "Misery," and this one opens in foggy London, where John's using a horn to help the Beatles navigate through the fog. Paul thinks they're crazy to be out on a night like this. The reason they're out is that they want to see what they look like in the wax museum. They're interrupted by a newsboy announcing an extra because Dracula has struck again, and that the police are searching Picadilly -- the location they're in!
The Beatles approach the Chamber of Horrors, and walk on in (it's part of the wax museum). They soon come to the wax figure of Dracula, and George wonders if he's any relation to the Dracula currently in London. We the viewers can see the face of the "dummy" move and react, so we know it's really Dracula, but the Beatles don't notice, and they head to their own exhibit.

Paul and John remark on the resemblance of their wax counterparts, and Paul insists it would fool his own mother (ironic, since Paul's mother was long dead in real life). The four Beatles decide to take the place of their dummies, and then a couple of women come by to see the exhibit. They remark that Ringo and George look fine, but Paul and John look like death warmed over!

0514Later, in the dark, Ringo and George try to find a way out, as they've been locked in! John searches for a light, and sticks a wick in the George waxwork, and sets it alight like a candle (Paul jokes, "You should've used me, George was never that bright."). John carries it as they look for a way out. They walk past Dracula as he stretches his arms and awakens, and when Ringo sneezes, Dracula says, "Gesundheit!" This causes the Beatles to realize something's up, and the song begins!

0515 The Beatles flee Dracula, who cases them. A bunch of "boing" sound effects are brought in over the first verse as they go charging about like the chase scene in a standard "Scooby-Doo," and more "boings" are heard. It's not long before the Beatles turn the tables on Dracula, and John rolls a bass drum at the vampire, which causes Dracula to go rolling around and around the outside of it, finally bumping into a waxwork statue of Marie Antoinette. There's a bunch of laughing put in over the music, as well.

0516Dracula finally crashes, but then Paul throws the Ringo dummy into the pot to melt down, as well as the rest of their dummies. After they're all melted down, they pour the wax in front of Dracula, who's started running after them again, and the wax quickly cools around his feet, trapping him. Later, the manager of the wax museum demands $5,000 to replace the Beatles' statues, and they decide that for that money, they'll stand there themselves! So, overall, this was another fun episode, and it was nice to see some different introductions for the sing-a-alongs. With the monster-themed cartoons bookending the episode, I found myself thinking I should almost go out of order and save this for next month, to use with the Countdown to Halloween!

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