Friday, October 12, 2012

Character Collectible Spotlight: The JSA/All-Star Squad/Infinity Inc, Part 2!

Continuing with Earth-Two goodies! jsa01_cov_parobeck Justice Society of America #1 cover by Mike Parobeck! jsa7_cov_parobeck JSA #7 cover by Parobeck! dcsh_calendar8 Page from an old DC Calendar! spectre03_16_adams Page 16 from Spectre #3, by Neal Adams! infinityinc47_11_ Page 11 from Infinity Inc. #47! allstar62_30_giffen-wood Page 30 from All-Star #62, by Keith Giffen and Wally Wood! allstarsquad28_cov_ordway.jpg Cover to All-Star Squadron #28, by Jerry Ordway! allstar65_cov_wood.jpg All-Star 65's cover, by Wally Wood! Story pages below: allstar65_01_wood.jpg allstar65_02_wood.jpg allstar65_03_wood.jpg allstar65_04_wood.jpg allstar65_07_wood.jpg allstar65_08_wood.jpg allstar65_09_wood.jpg allstar65_10_wood.jpg allstar65_13_wood.jpg allstar65_14_wood.jpg allstar65_19_wood.jpg allstar65_20_wood.jpg allstar65_23_wood.jpg allstar65_24_wood.jpg allstar65_25_wood.jpg allstar65_26_wood.jpg allstar65_29_wood.jpg allstar054_cov_peddy.jpg All-Star #54, cover by Peddy! spectre09_08_wrightson Page 8 from Spectre #9, by Berni Wrightson! 75comiconprogram3 Page from the 1975 Comiccon program book! allstarsquad12_13_gonzales-ordway Page 12 from All-Star Squadron #12, by Adrian Gonzales and Jerry Ordway! jla022_05_sekowsky Page 5 from JLA #22, by Mike Sekowsky! allstar09_unk_unk A page from All-Star Comics #9, artist unknown! dcsh_spectre_argentinatrading Spectre Pog from Argentina! allstarsquad03_22_buckler-ordway Page 22 from All-Star Squadron #3, by Rich Buckler and Jerry Ordway! allstarsquad15_17_adriangonzales-ordway Page 17 from All-star Squadron #15, by Gonzales and Ordway! spectre03_18_adams A colored (sort of) page 18 from Spectre #3, by Adams!

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