Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Character Collectible Spotlight: Sgt. Rock!

About time I switched it up... here's some of the limited Sgt. Rock collectibles! rockvsbadguys.JPG rockdc_remcorockvsbadguys.jpg First, the Rock Vs. the Bad Guys playset! Remco's Sgt. Rock figures were an attempt to get some of the GI Joe market, but failed on almost all fronts (as did their other action figure lines, based on DC's Warlord, as well as Archie's Mighty Crusaders, among others). I'd imagine if they'd actually produced figures based on more of the Easy Company soldiers than Rock, it might've sold better! rock_soldiers rockdc_sgtrockremco remco_rockrivercomm remco_rockreconpost remco_rockmachine rockdc_sgtrock_playset 80sgtrock rockdc_sgtrock6.JPG rockdc_sgtrock5.JPG rockdc_sgtrock4.JPG rockdc_sgtrock3.JPG rockdc_sgtrock2.JPG rockdc_sgtrock1.JPG rockdc_sgtrock11 rockdc_sgtrock13 rockdc_sgtrock12 rockdc_sgtrock10 dcsh_sgtrockcolt45ahi.jpg AHI Also got into the Sgt. Rock business with this toy! dcsh_americaatwar The only item in this post I actually own, the Fireside Books America at War Trade Paperback!

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