Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Comic Book Ads!

Last time around, it was the introduction to the Dell Trading Post, and now here's a follow-up from Wagon Train #12! wagontrain12_18 wagontrain12_19 OK, from our modern-day perspective, nothing here was worth cutting up old comics... but back in the day, I'd imagine a lot of kids wanted to participate in this! wagontrain12_36 Next, from the same comic book,here's an ad with pretty high production values for the Schwinn Speed Corvette bicycle, which I'm guessing a lot of kids immediately asked their parents for! alarmingadventures01_02 Now, for a major switch of gears... this is from the inside front cover of Alarming Adventures #1, and it's an example of something that we used to see in the comics of the 1960s that we don't see any more... listings of the local TV channels to watch whatever cartoon is being promoted! I recall seeing similar ads in DC comics for the Superman/Batman/Aquaman shows (or some combination thereof), and even some in Marvel Comics for either the Marvel Super-Heroes, Spiderman (yes, I know, I don't have the hyphen, neither did that show) or Fantastic Four programs. alarmingadventures01_04 And now we're back to bicycles again... now, I don't know about you, but when I was a kid, I never had a bike that required new tires; instead, I'd end up needing a whole new bike before the tires wore off. And like all the kids in my neighborhood, I rode my bike a LOT! alarmingadventures01_17 alarmingadventures01_18 and we'll wrap up this installment with a bunch of Harvey house ads, above as well as below! alarmingadventures01_19 That's a lot of house ads, isn't it?

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