Friday, October 19, 2012

Comic Book Ads!

alarmingadventures01_33 Time for more comic book ads... and yes, I know that because of the size I've got this ad here, you can't see all of it... but what you can see is how this early ad for the 204 Revolutionary War Soldiers photographed the pieces... and you can really see how flat they were! You may recall I posted a similar ad here a few weeks back. Oh, and this is from Alarming Adventures #1! alarmingadventures02_04 Next, it's another Goodyear Tires ad for bicycles, this one from Alarming Adventures #2! Is it just me, or does that one kid in the red shirt look like Dick Grayson to you? alarmingadventures02_31 And from the same issue, another bike-related ad (at least, on the top half)... now, I know a lot of bikes these days (especially for adults) come with speedometers, but this must've been pretty new back then! I wonder if any kids got this and then felt gypped because they never got to 50 MPH? Here's a bunch of pages next, promoting various Harvey and other toys (and years before Kenner did something like this in the Gold Key comics)! alarmingadventures03_17 alarmingadventures03_18 alarmingadventures03_19 alarmingadventures03_20 Some familar-looking items there, eh?

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